plugin parameters

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Parameter Effect Version implemented Comments
ALIGN Align movie to one side of window NO
BASE Set base URL for URLs NO
BGCOLOR Set background color of Flash movie NO Requires support from Swfdec
LOOP Restart playing when end of file has been reached NO Requires support from Swfdec
MENU Display the full menu on right-click NO Probably will never be supported as configurability should be a user setting, not decided by the page.
PLAY Automatically start playback NO A user should at least be able to override this, so annoying movies do not play.
QUALITY Setting for quality/CPU usage tradeoff NO Swfdec has no support for quality yet, and even if it becomes available, this should probably be a user setting, too.
FLASHVARS Pass variables to Flash player 0.4.3
SALIGN Align movie to window 0.5.1
SCALE Make movie fit the assigned space 0.5.1
SWLIVECONNECT Allow scripting from the Page embedding the movie NO
WMODE Allow transparent Flash movies NO May require changes in Linux Mozilla