This page contains information for people interested in using swfdec in their own products or developing swfdec itself.


Swfdec is licensed under the LGPL. For audio and video decoding it may optionally make use of libraries with different licenses. Currently MAD can be used for decoding MP3. If you do not want these restrictions, you can disable support for it.


This list does not claim to be up to date or inclusive of all important parts of Flash. This list was last updated for version 0.4.1

Part Status Comment
file format complete up to v7
rendering complete up to v7 Morphshapes seem to work, but noone investigated them thoroughly yet
sound streams complete, events basic the Sound Actionscript object and envelopes are not implemented
video playback complete (incl FLV) support for AS objects is missing, so almost no videos from the web works
event order complete for Movieclip support for key events, onData and other objects is missing
Actionscript interpreter new in 0.4.2 interprets Actionscript and does so nicely. Support for ?DoInitAction is missing
Actionscript opcodes 50% of v7 opcodes implemented the harder opcodes are still missing, mostly Flash 6 and 7
Movieclip AS object positioning and events complete various functions aren't implemented
Button AS object positioning and events complete identical to Movieclip AS object
?TextField object display complete no editing, and lots of HTML missing
?TextField AS object positioning and events complete identical to Movieclip AS object
Color, Mouse AS objects complete support for the "small" classes should work

There's a separate page about the MozillaPlugin.