Swfdec Gtk library
SwfdecGtkPlayer — an improved SwfdecPlayer
SwfdecGtkWidget — a GtkWidget for embedding SWF files
Gtk extensions — extension objects for SwfdecGtkPlayer
Swfdec library
Enumerations — enumerations used in Swfdec
SwfdecRectangle — handling regions on the screen
SwfdecBuffer — memory region handling
SwfdecURL — URL handling in Swfdec
SwfdecPlayer — main playback object
SwfdecSystem — object holding system settings
SwfdecAudio — object used for audio output
Version Information — Compile-time and run-time version checks
extending SwfdecPlayer
SwfdecPlayerScripting — integration with external scripts
SwfdecRenderer — provide accelerated rendering and caching abilities
SwfdecStream — object used for input
SwfdecLoader — object used for input
SwfdecSocket — object used for network connections
Actionscript interpreter
Internals and garbage collection — understanding internals such as garbage collection
SwfdecAsValue — exchanging values with the Actionscript engine
SwfdecAsContext — the main script engine context
SwfdecAsObject — the base object type for scriptable objects
SwfdecAsArray — the array object
SwfdecAsFunction — script objects that can be executed
SwfdecAsFrame — information about currently executing frames
SwfdecAsDebugger — the debugger object see also: SwfdecAsContext